Who is shepard smith dating

13-Jul-2017 13:04

Six paragraphs later, it noted that his date that night was a “muscular 6-foot-2…white male.” Three days later, Gawker identified the date as a 26-year-old former production assistant on Smith’s old show, “The Fox Report.” (Smith, 49, is now anchor/managing editor of breaking news, and his boyfriend, Gawker says, is a producer at Fox Business.) Neither responded to the site’s numerous interview requests. He’s one of the good guys at a network that regularly pushes my blood pressure to dangerous levels.Before to Joining FMC, he was a Los Angeles-based Fox News Edge correspondent, covering a broad range of news for the network.

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He is a very remarkable presenter in the world of news and journalism and has established himself as a very talented professional.Maybe it’s because the “scoop” was buried in a snarky item about an alleged bar incident in New York from eight months ago.According to Gawker, Smith yelled at a waitress to hurry up with his drinks.It was a very warm and loving and comfortable place.” Smith has long been reported among the now-defunct website run by out editor Nick Denton, reported in 2014 that Smith had said “it’s time” to come out during contract negotiations, but Ailes bluntly told him the channel’s conservative audience wouldn’t tolerate a gay anchor.

Fox News denied the report at the time with a joint statement by Ailes and Smith that didn’t address Smith’s sexual orientation.

According to gawker.com, Smith seems romantically linked to the partner with a fellow Fox News staff, Giovanni Graziano, commonly known as "Gio." The news anchor currently reached at the age 53, but he still looks like young, handsome and as well as fit and healthy.