Plex recently added not updating

10-Aug-2017 13:54

These are the folders your Plex server will look for your music, movies, pictures, and shows in.They’ll be shared to every device using a Plex client logged in with your account. In our case, we’re setting up a library for TV Shows, so highlight it. After that, click the Browse for media folder button and select the folder where you’ve downloaded your shows.You can click here if you’re reading this on your Plex server.Then click on the Settings icon at the top of the page, in the right corner.They do offer a premium plan, which you can either buy outright or subscribe to.My recommendation is to purchase it all at once if you’re going to buy it.

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It will take longer to add larger libraries, but after they’ve been added any new media you place in the library’s directory will show up automatically.

Plex supports multiple servers per account, and each server supports multiple libraries and plug-in channels.

Most installations will only use a single server, but the option is there if you prefer to run more than one.

To begin, click the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the web client. You’ll want to set the Friendly name to something descriptive, then click the Claim server button to associate it with your Plex account.

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At this point, you may need to login to Plex again if prompted.After the Plex server has been created and you’ve verified that it’s linked with your account, you can click the Home button and move on to the next step.

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