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Regardless of whether the Nahuatl is considered to label a dialect continuum or a group of separate languages, the varieties form a single branch within the Uto-Aztecan family, descended from a single Proto-Nahuan language.

Within Mexico the question of whether to consider individual varieties to be languages or dialects of a single language is highly political.

Nahuatl and the other 63 indigenous languages of Mexico are recognized as lenguas nacionales ("national languages") in the regions where they are spoken, enjoying the same status as Spanish within their region. "Reply to Hill and Brown: Maize and Uto-Aztecan cultural history". Madrid: Ediciones de Cultura Hispánica, Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana.

Nahuan languages exhibit a complex morphology characterized by polysynthesis and agglutination.

As a language label, the term "Nahuatl" encompasses a group of closely related languages or divergent dialects within the Nahuan branch of the Uto-Aztecan language family.

The Mexican Instituto Nacional de Lenguas Indígenas (National Institute of Indigenous Languages) recognize 30 different individual varieties within the "language group" labeled Nahuatl.

There are considerable differences among varieties, and some are mutually unintelligible. Pellicer, Dora; Cifuentes, Bábara; Herrera, Carmen (2006).

The others are natural resources (including land), and labor — the stock of competences embodied in the labor force.

"Physical" is used to distinguish physical capital from human capital (a result of investment in the human agent)), circulating capital, and financial capital.[1][2] "Physical capital" is fixed capital, any kind of real physical asset that is not used up in the production of a product.

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