Fibromyalgia adult chat rooms

01-Sep-2017 23:32

If you can stop the downward spiral of worsening problems then you CAN start improving and have hope for a normal life.This page will help you not ONLY to understand the fibromyalgia cause, but will show you how you can reverse these problems in order to improve your condition.

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What is VITAL to know is that Fibromyalgia is not 'incurable' as most doctors will tell you.

One of the most common findings in nearly everyone with fibromyalgia is that they have had at least one MAJOR emotionally stressful event in their life.

And this makes sense because stress has effects on the body that most medical professionals just do not understand.

Studies show that this is a big fibromyalgia cause that seems to stem from adrenal glands that are smaller than average.

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During induced stress, the adrenal glands have a blunted hormonal response as well.But the REAL question is "What is causing the Overactive Nerves? The Fibro website run by the drug company Pfizer, would have you believe that overactive nerves just 'happen' for no apparent reason- and the only solution just happens to be their drug.

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