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27-Sep-2017 00:00

You wouldn’t call someone who has seen every episode of a nerd until he or she starts a fanclub, moderates a forum, or starts swapping tapes of the show on Craigslist.

Being a geek or a nerd usually involves science or mediums that heavily feature science, but again I think this is only one flavor of nerd rather than a defining quality.

In the spirit of philosophical treatises of old, I present a maxim: That which is considered “nerdy,” “geeky,” or any other similar adjective, is a product of personality traits that conspire to direct an active passion towards some activity.

In other words, nerds and geeks are the labels we give to those who are actively passionate towards science, fiction, gaming, technology, etc. What would you call someone who obsessively cans pickles, attends canning conventions, and has a t-shirt depicting some inside joke among pickle canners? I say nerdiness or geekiness is active, rather than passive, passion because involvement seems to be a prerequisite.

Most people would put me firmly in the nerd/geek category. The cultural resurgence of the nerd is so strong that we fight about who is a “fake” or “real” nerd, thick-rimmed glasses with useless lenses adorn people with perfect vision, and prime-time television has a show about physicists, engineers, and their obsessions. I want to find out what being a geek or a nerd actually means in a rapidly evolving social landscape. You will probably envision a scrawny white male, bespectacled and pocket-protected, with a poor sense of style and a shy demeanor.

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I don’t like hugs or parties, high school sucked for me, and Nathan Fillion deemed something I wrote his “Favorite Firefly fanboy rant to date.” What do these things make me, a geek, a nerd, a dweeb, a dork, or simply different? Nerdy Enough to Know the Difference Close your eyes and picture a total nerd.

He or she probably likes video games, computers, and science or math.